Saving The Oceans

As a keen scuba diver with a great interest in aquatic life, I had the opportunity (thanks to good friend and Orca Researcher and Conservationist Sam Lipman) to produce an illustration for this years Whale Fest (The future of Dolphinaria) In association with the Born Free Foundation! Although the project was only short I was very happy with the end result and so was the client (Born Free Foundation) from the feedback that was given!

My image representing Dolphins in captivity hopefully makes you feel sympathy for the animals who have been found to be kept in poor conditions in marine parks throughout the world.

Attached is the final image that was used in the show which was displayed to thousands of fellow activists, MP's and spectators!

If you have a love for the natural world and want to help then visit Born Free's Website to find out more: or if you want to help save the giants of the ocean then visit: