Good News

JNPanimation has moved!!!

Good new everyone I have moved from working on my dining room table to an office space located in Sutton Business Park, Wallington UK! Now with a better working space for myself I will be able to post up more work for you all to see and focus on developing my skills in animation and the creative arts!

If you live in the local area and need someone with the design skills to bring your dreams to life then please get in touch! I have also got a space in the office for consultations so if you want to discuss ideas, styles etc. it will be a perfect opportunity to fine tune your idea and will also allow me to find out more about you, to get you or your companies personality into the work I will produce.

Its starting to look like my career in the creative world is starting to blossom, so keep checking up on JNPanimation to see its developments!

   All moved in !!!!


All moved in !!!!