Johnny's World

I have recently finished off a new piece of art which is the first instalment of a series I plan on producing called Johnny's World. Johnny is a boy who has the incredible gift of bringing his dreams to life!

Keep on checking the news feed for more upcoming artwork and updates on the Johnny's World mini project. I hope you like the picture and it makes you feel as happy as Johnny does!

Remembering Cecil

So I set myself a little tribute project over the weekend to draw Cecil the Lion.

As you may already know Cecil was a star in Zimbabwe and one of their most famous animal celebrities.

Unfortunately the magnificent creature was brutally killed by a Poacher on July 1st 2015. I have a passion for nature and the world we live in and it saddens me that someone could perform such a horrific act of wickedness!

However, this is the world we live in and we can't change what has happened, however, this may have been the catalyst needed to make people think twice about their actions and help the battle to protect Lions and the natural reserves they live in.

This is my tribute for Cecil, but, also for all of the other Lions and Lionesses that are killed by poachers each year!

If this post has affected you in any way and you want to help protect and preserve these beautiful creatures then please visit this fantastic organisation's site who i've been lucky enough to produce my 'dolphin in a bowl illustration' for, The Born Free Foundation, and make a donation!

Thank you and don't forget to come back to see what else is happening in the world of JNPanimation!

Click here if you want to make a donation to The Born Free Foundation

Disney Doodles

In my last post I mentioned my recent trip to Disney World. While I was there I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to do some Disney themed drawing, here are some of them and I hope you like them! I also did some of my own designs too!

JNPanimation now on Instagram!

So after receiving some feedback from more of you lovely people wanting to check out more of my work and what I get up to, I decided to set up JNPanimation on Instagram! Check it out and find out what i've been up to.

I've recently been to to Disney World so be warned there are a lot of fun, vibrant and exciting pictures to get through !!!

With my passion for animation and art now stronger than ever thanks to the inspiration I got from my visit to Disney World I am now hoping to produce some more of my larger pieces of work for you all to see!

I hope that you all enjoy looking at what i've been up to and if anyone wishes to get in contact with me then do feel free to leave a message!


Saving The Oceans

As a keen scuba diver with a great interest in aquatic life, I had the opportunity (thanks to good friend and Orca Researcher and Conservationist Sam Lipman) to produce an illustration for this years Whale Fest (The future of Dolphinaria) In association with the Born Free Foundation! Although the project was only short I was very happy with the end result and so was the client (Born Free Foundation) from the feedback that was given!

My image representing Dolphins in captivity hopefully makes you feel sympathy for the animals who have been found to be kept in poor conditions in marine parks throughout the world.

Attached is the final image that was used in the show which was displayed to thousands of fellow activists, MP's and spectators!

If you have a love for the natural world and want to help then visit Born Free's Website to find out more: or if you want to help save the giants of the ocean then visit:

A New Beginning !

The new website is officially up and running!!!

JNPanimation now has more features, a shop and is a lot easier to use, hopefully it will allow me to display much more of my work for you all to see. Remember to follow me on other social media sites for more updates and news!